venerdì 24 marzo 2017

XLV - Showcase The Glottkin, Monster March: IV week

"All around, only silence. Also the big flies, generally noisy and enterprising, were silent. Somewhere hoarse laments cut the silence like rusty knives on a bone.
In that moment, he smile, when he know that they are sharing the magnificent gifts of their generous Father. Which God gives you his favourite things without you have to ask them?"

Hi all!
Well the Glottkin are finished, and I am very happy: the model is big, very big, with tons of details, and a lot of character, and try to make it disgusting, sick but menacing has been a nice challenge.
Before to continue, I have to thanks SwordMaster of Path of an Outcast, the manager of this amazing event: thanks a lot, seing so much monsters together is very cool, the only thing is missing is a pic with all of them together (but clearly it is impossible lol).

I was playing with phone filters, and I have thought that this one where quite nice! Look the pink fire!  Quite fun that the opposite of the painting scheme I used is near to the opposite chaos god to Nurgle.Well,  after that, the real pics.

martedì 21 marzo 2017

XLIV - wip The Glottkin, Monster March, III week

Hi you all!
Third week of Monster March! The goal is near and I have only to stretch my hand to catch it!
As always, a recap of all the steps:
 -first week: assembling, priming, brainless painting (preparations for the real painting); 
- second week: largest parts and all the part with their base colours at least; 
- third week: details and finish;
 - fourth week: everything it is missing.

martedì 14 marzo 2017

XLIII - Wip: The Glottkin, Monster March, II week

Second week of Monster March! I should be at half of the total work, but I think that I have done less than it. Well let's see the job. This monster is the last of the Nurgle Wave that touches my table in december. You can easily see all the Nurgle things searching on this blog.
I have a pair of new project to do, but I am going out the path. The Glottkin now.

martedì 7 marzo 2017

XLII - WIP: The Glottkin, Monster March, I week

Today a post about my first week of the Monster March, the week about assembling and so on.

Unluckily my the Glottkin were already assembled and primed before the knowing of MM, being them the last wave of the small sea of Nurgle that hit my desk, furthermore I ought to start before the official beginning due work issues: I really wanted to partecipate to this event, and the kind Swordmaster allows me to partecipate despite my not phased painting. The pics are going to be updated in sync with the official calendar, but the work is slightly ahead when you are reading a certain wip. Sorry!

domenica 26 febbraio 2017

XLI - Showcase: Dark Eldar Mercenary

"Do you think I'm disemboweling you because I was hired? I have been paid only to kill you, unsavory obtuse human."

Hi readers, I have finally finished my first Dark Eldar Mercenary, after a long (above all in my mind) trip, tracked here, here, and here.

I have analyzed my issue with Dark Eldar and I think that my problem is that I love those miniatures, and maybe I think that nothing I do is worth of them, and I have no satisfaction in my work. Furthermore I always thought that DE and Dark Elves (Aelves, that in latin has the same pronunciation ... ae = e like "end": nice joke GW!) are bad but clean: my last projects are not so clean and I like paint dirty and grim miniatures, but with DE-DA I had a block, the must not be dirty and grim (for my standard).

Now I cought the courage to make them more grim and less elegant (for my standard clearly!!!), without exagerate logically, they are not Zombies, and I like the result.