giovedì 10 agosto 2017

LVII - WIP: Commission, Death Guard 2

Hi you all!
Slow and steady, as the Death Guard, the works continues very well. This commission is very nice, also because I'm doing some new things that are very nice but, as always, lets proceed with order.

giovedì 3 agosto 2017

LVI - WIP: Commission, Death Guard 1

Hi you all!
Back from Holidays and work issue, I'm ready for a new project, with Nurgle as focus, I'm talking about Death Guard.

martedì 27 giugno 2017

LV - Showcase: Stormcast eternals army 3/3

The thunders roared, the night were enlighted by holy bolts whom touched the ground with a precise pattern. Garaz'nath stopped for few seconds its arrogant walking: also for a ruthless and experienced warrior like him, the sight of those dark masks in the lights of the storm could leave him a bit more careful about his life.

Hi !
Here we go, the Stormcast Eternals army in its full matt shiny finish!
Here you can find the showcase of the single units and the turorial.
Part 1/3
Part 2/3

sabato 24 giugno 2017

LIV - Showcase: Stormcast eternals army 2/3

Hi readers!!
I'm alive, do not worry about! Life out hobby issues (that are going to continue), and a small lack of willing in painting make me to spent a lot of time to paint this army, that is not so bad to paint, but the results arrive only now.
However, here the last guys, the big bros, the flying bros and the chief bro.

mercoledì 31 maggio 2017

LIII - Showcase: Stormcast eternals army 1/3

Hi readers!
Sorry for the lack of post but in these last weeks I was in a downward spiral of the hobby wave, so I painted very few things and I had nothing to show you. I started fast the Stormcast Eternals army project painting the two units of Liberators in a week or two and doing the tutorial, then I begun the guy with the standard -well you already know I cannot learn the names, please be patient- and I finished it some days ago. My idea was to show all the army but with this rithm maybe next year I'll be ready lol.